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About Te Puke Weather Station

Our weather station came online in June 2010 in Gate Pa, Tauranga. In December 2010 the station was moved to Te Puke township, where it is today.

Te Puke is a town located 28 kilometres southeast of Tauranga in the Western Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand.

Station Information

Aercus instruments™ WeatherSleuth – Specifications

Outdoor data 
Transmission distance (open feild) 100m {300ft}
Temperature range-30c to +65c {-40f to 149f}
Resolution+/- 1c 0.1c
Measuring range rel.
Humidity10% to 99%
+/- 5%
Rain volume display0 to 9999mm
Accuracy+/- 10%
Wind speed0 to 160km/h {0 to 100mph}
Accuracy+/- 1m/s
Measuring interval thermp-hygro48sec
Sensor water proof levelIPX3
Hosting By:BlueSkyData Ltd Online and live weather data for Te Puke
Te Puke, New Zealand